How do Marypop babysitting services work?

Frequently asked questions about the Marypop babysitting service



1. How are prices fixed?

It is the babysitters who freely set their rates, in line with the minimum legal salary of the country in which they provide their services.

2. How do I pay my babysitter?

Marypop works with a payment service provider (Stripe) that allows you to pay with a single click by credit card.

3. Is my payment secured?

We use the services of Stripe, a company specialised in secure payments and hosting of bank details. Stripe is PCI Level 1 certified, the highest level of security.

4. Why should I pay via

First of all, it's convenient! No need to withdraw money before you go home! Moreover, by using Marypop to pay, you avoid any misunderstanding or omission at the time of payment: you pay the exact amount that corresponds to the service performed, without discussion.

5. How is the Marypop platform remunerated?

Marypop charges parents a commission of €2/hour for babysitting, which allows it to develop the platform and select the best babysitter profiles.

Parents can also subscribe to an unlimited package, which is not mandatory and not tacitly renewable, and which allows them to book baby-sittings without limit during one month.

6. How are babysitter profiles checked?

The Marypop team carefully checks each babysitter profile. The documents requested and examined are: identity papers, diplomas and certifications related to childhood. We also ask each babysitter to write his/her ad in each language he/she speaks. Finally, we have at least one contact with the baby-sitters by phone, email, sms or whatsapp.

7. Do I have to declare my babysitter?

Declaring your babysitters is mandatory. Indeed, this allows you to be covered by insurance, as well as to benefit from tax advantages up to 50% of the amount of expenses incurred (salaries + social contributions) up to a maximum of 12.000 euros, which may be increased in certain cases. For further information, you might visit :

8. "Marypop by video", what it is?

"Marypop by video" is a service of video support between children and multilingual sitters: simple discussion, animation or homework support... it's up to you to decide the mission entrusted to your video-sitter.

11 video-sitters are already available: their profiles can be found on the Home page of

9. "Marypop by video", how does it work?

1. You send a message to the videositter of your choice from, and you exchange on your wishes, tastes and languages of your children
2. You book an online session
3. You pay online and automatically receive the phone number of your videositter by e-mail, who also receives yours
4. On the day of the event, you each log in via the Whatsapp video.




1. What is the minimum age to become a Marypop babysitter?

It is possible to babysit from the age of 16. Any minor wishing to work must be authorised to do so by his or her legal representative (father or mother, for example), unless he or she is emancipated.

2. Is the service charged for babysitters?

The Marypop service is 100% free for babysitters. In particular, the profiles of babysitters are checked free of charge by our teams.

3. Why should I get paid via the Marypop platform?

By using Marypop to get paid by parents, you avoid any misunderstanding or omission at the time of payment: overtime, extra childcare, night hours... you are guaranteed to be paid at the price you have set, without discussion.

4. Do I have to report my income?

It is mandatory to report income received from the use of Marypop.

For more information, you can also consult the following website:

5. Am I allowed to go and babysit during Coronavirus containment?

Yes for France. You must complete and print the DEROGATORY TRAVEL CERTIFICATE and tick reason no. 4: Displacements for compelling family reasons, for assistance to individuals vulnerable or childcare.
Also take an official identity document with you as well as the telephone number of your employers.

Yes for Spain. You must complete and print this document.

6. What hygiene measures should be taken to avoid the contagion and transmission of the Coronavirus?

In the face of the coronavirus, there are simple gestures to preserve your health and that of your family and friends:

- Wash your hands very regularly. Here is the IRNS tutorial:
- Cough or sneeze into your elbow or into a handkerchief.
- Greeting without shaking hands, avoiding hugs.
- Use single-use tissues and dispose of them.
- Do not touch your face with your hands (and do not touch someone else's face).
- Avoid gatherings, limit travel and contacts

The IRNS website gives you here a complete information.