Offer "me time" to your loved ones


Whether it is for Christmas, Valentine's Day or simply to please, offer the Marypop gift card. Its lucky beneficiary, parent or child, will benefit from about 2.5 hours of bilingual babysitting, creative activities or initiation to a foreign language with one of the 1000 babysitters selected by Marypop.



And furthermore, it's quick and easy!


1 - I choose the number of gift cards that I want to offer and I pay online in a 100% secure way

2 - Receive the gift card by email

3 - Offer it to the person of your choice, who has one year to use it.


Don't hesitate any longer and offer the Marypop gift card!


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Frequently asked questions about the Marypop babysitting gift card


How much does the Marypop babysitting gift card cost?

The Marypop gift card costs 25 euros. You can buy several at the same time.


How many hours of babysitting does the Marypop gift card include?

Based on a rate of 10 euros per hour, the Marypop gift card allows you to benefit from about 2.5 hours of babysitting. The rates of our babysitters on Marypop are freely fixed by each babysitter, generally ranging from 9 euros per hour to 25 euros per hour.


What services are included in the Marypop babysitting gift card?

The Marypop gift card allows you to benefit from bilingual babysitting services, foreign language tutoring and foreign language initiation. Some of these services are also provided by video.


Is the payment of my gift card secure?

Yes, it is. All payments made on our platform are 100% secure.


How do I receive the Marypop babysitting gift card?

You will automatically receive a file by email containing a unique code.


How can the recipient use the gift card?

All the recipient of the gift card has to do is enter the unique code on the file you send them when they make their reservation.


Can the Marypop babysitting gift card be used abroad?

Yes, it can. The Marypop gift card can be used in many cities in Europe, such as Barcelona, Seville, Madrid, Paris, Strasbourg, Lyon, Rome, London, Amsterdam... Our trusted babysitters are present everywhere in Europe.


Who should I offer the Marypop gift card to?

All young parents will be delighted to receive it! The Marypop babysitting gift card will allow them to enjoy a moment of relaxation for two or with friends, near their home or on holiday.


How long is the Marypop babysitting gift card valid?

Your gift card is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.