Why are Marypop babysitters so trusted ?

The Marypop baby-sitters' Charter

1. Responsiveness, punctuality

I am committed to responding quickly to parents' messages and to being punctual during my appointments. In case of delay or inability to attend, I will notify the parents as soon as possible

2. Attention to children

During my babysitting, I undertake to devote all my attention to the children in my care. I organise activities according to their tastes and I play with them. I listen to them and take their opinions into account, as far as possible. I quickly respond to their basic needs (hunger, sleep, cold, etc.). I check with them to make sure everything is fine.

3. Responsibility

I am aware that the children entrusted to me are under my full responsibility during the babysitting period. I carefully monitor their actions so that they do not put themselves in danger. In particular, I do not leave the place of custody without the agreement of the parents. I'm not letting anyone in at the place of custody. In the event of an incident, I react quickly by notifying the parents and, if necessary, the emergency services.

4. Compliance with instructions and discretion

I undertake to scrupulously respect the parents' instructions as well as a total discretion concerning their private life.

5. Transparency

I communicate in a totally transparent way with parents. I offer them activities at the beginning of the shift. I answer their questions. I take the time for discussion at the end of babysitting.