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Piper, babysitter in Bagnolet

Hello my name is Piper and I am a babysitter in Bagnolet. I am available for childcare. I can look after your children in English, Spanish and French .
As for my services, I can provide you with babysitting and introduction to a foreign language.

"Hello! I am an American living in Paris. I have lots of experience babysitting in a bilingual setting, as well as helping children improve their English. I am available to take care of your children Please take a look at my availability to see if it matches your needs! I would love to play games and have fun with your kids!"

"¡Hola! Soy un estadounidense que vive en París. Estoy disponible para cuidar de sus hijos los lunes y martes por la mañana, los miércoles al mediodía, los jueves por la noche y los viernes todo el día. ¡Hola! Soy un estadounidense que vive en París. Estoy disponible para cuidar de sus hijos los lunes y martes por la mañana, los miércoles al mediodía, los jueves por la noche y los viernes todo el día. ¡Me encantaría jugar y divertirme con sus hijos!"

"Bonjour! Je suis un américaine et j'habite à Paris. Je suis disponible pour m'occuper de vos enfants le lundi et le mardi matin, le mercredi de mi-journée, le jeudi soir et le vendredi toute la journée. J'aimerais jouer à des jeux et m'amuser avec vos gamins!"

If you want more information about me, please log in to contact me!

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Net rate per hour before tax deductions

€ / h

Approximately 11.50 € / h after charges, aids and tax deductions

(non-contractual information, calculated within framework of French tax system and given as an indication)

Piper is a babysitter in Bagnolet and offers to look after your children as required. Piper likes Arts and offers you as services the babysitting and introduction to a foreign language. Piper speaks 3 languages (English, Spanish and French ). His/her mother tongue is English.

Piper is a trusted babysitter in Bagnolet whose profile has been verified by the team at Marypop, the #1 bilingual babysitting platform. Piper is committed to respecting the Marypop Babysitter Charter which you can find here.

Do not hesitate to contact Piper by message from our website, by clicking on 'Send a message'. It's free and it will allow you to ask all your questions about your babysitting and to explain your needs in terms of childcare. Also consider contacting other babysitters in Bagnolet who can also meet your need.

And then how does it work?

Once you have agreed with Piper on their availability and babysitting skills, you simply book from our website. There is no charge until Piper accepts your booking request.

Once Piper has accepted your babysitting request, you will automatically receive an email with her/his phone number, and she will automatically receive an email with your phone number, your children's interests and the babysitting location.

Piper will be paid by Marypop approximately 48 hours after the babysitting is completed. If the hours validated by the babysitter at the end of the babysitting are different from those of the reservation, your payment and hers will be adjusted automatically. You don't have to manage anything, everything is simple with Marypop.

Oh yes, one important point: remember to tell your babysitter what language you want she to speak to your children in! Indeed, she will be happy to introduce your children to a foreign language while taking care of them.

We wish you a great babysitting experience with Piper, trusted babysitter at Marypop.

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Or perhaps you are an expatriate or a bilingual family, and you appreciate the possibility for your children to be looked after by a babysitter who speaks several languages and who can introduce them to a foreign language while having fun?

Whatever your situation, Marypop has thought of you and offers you a childcare solution adapted to your needs and your child's interests.

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