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Nora margarita, babysitter in Paris

Hello my name is Nora margarita and I am a babysitter in Paris. I am available for childcare. I can look after your children in Spanish, English and French .
As for my services, I can provide you with babysitting and introduction to a foreign language.

"Soy niñera desde septiembre 2019, originaria de México. Tengo estudios en enseñanza de inglés y español, y el francés lo hablo bien. Vivo en las afueras de Paris pero me sé desplazar sin problemas por toda la ciudad. Mi experiencia como aupair ha sido muy agradable. En México daba clases a niños y me agrada mucho compartir tiempo y juegos con ellos. Soy una persona puntual, creativa, comprometida con mis labores. No duden en comunicarse para contarles mas sobre mi. Quedo a sus ordenes y espero verlos prontito! PS es mejor que me manden mensaje antes de reservar el babysitting para que pueda confirmar mi disponibilidad. Generalmente estoy disponible a partir de las 8:30pm entre semana (depende de la ubicación de su alojamiento) y tengo horarios mas flexibles los fines de semana. Tambien es importante para mí saber la edad de los niños ☺️"

"I'm nanny since Septembre 2019. I'm from Mexico. I've got my diploma as foreign languages teacher in English and Spanish, and I speak French fluently. I live in the suburbs of Paris but I know how to get around the city. My experience as aupair has been rewarding. In Mexico, I used to teach English to kids and I know how I enjoy sharing time and playing with them. I'm a punctual and creative person, someone who is able to commit. Don't hesitate in contact me to tell you more about me. I'll be glad to answer any question. I hope to see you soon! PS please text me before booking the babysitting so I can confirm my availability. Usually I'm free from 8:30pm during weekdays (it depends on your address). Weekends I have a flexible schedule. Also, it's important to me to know the age of the kids ☺️"

"Je suis nounou depuis septembre 2019 et je viens de Mexique. J'ai obtenu mon diplôme d'enseignement d'anglais et espagnol, et je parle couramment le français. J'habite en banlieu parisienne mais je peux me déplacer sans problème en ville. Mon expérience comme aupair a été véritablement enrichissante. En Mexique, je donnais des cours aux enfants et j'aimais bien partager du temps avec eux et jouer ensemble. Je suis une personne ponctuelle, créative et qui s'engage à faire bien ses tâches. N'hésitez pas à contacter. Je serai ravie de vous répondre à vos questions. J'espère vous rencontrer très prochainement ! PS, Merci de m'écrire avant de faire la réservation afin de confirmer si je suis dispo ☺️ normalement je suis libre à partir de 20h30 (ça dépend de votre adresse) par contre le week-end c'est plus flexible ;)"

If you want more information about me, please log in to contact me!

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Approximately 14.40 € / h after social aids and tax deductions

(non-contractual information, calculated within framework of French tax system and given as an indication)

Nora margarita is a babysitter in Paris and offers to look after your children as required. Nora margarita likes Animals, Creative activities, Outdoor activities, Dance, Board games, Reading and offers you as services the babysitting and introduction to a foreign language. Nora margarita speaks 3 languages (Spanish, English and French ). His/her mother tongue is Spanish.

Nora margarita is a trusted babysitter in Paris whose profile has been verified by the team at Marypop, the #1 bilingual babysitting platform. Nora margarita is committed to respecting the Marypop Babysitter Charter which you can find here.

Do not hesitate to contact Nora margarita by message from our website, by clicking on 'Send a message'. It's free and it will allow you to ask all your questions about your babysitting and to explain your needs in terms of childcare. Also consider contacting other babysitters in Paris who can also meet your need.

And then how does it work?

Once you have agreed with Nora margarita on their availability and babysitting skills, you simply book from our website. There is no charge until Nora margarita accepts your booking request.

Once Nora margarita has accepted your babysitting request, you will automatically receive an email with her/his phone number, and she will automatically receive an email with your phone number, your children's interests and the babysitting location.

Nora margarita will be paid by Marypop approximately 48 hours after the babysitting is completed. If the hours validated by the babysitter at the end of the babysitting are different from those of the reservation, your payment and hers will be adjusted automatically. You don't have to manage anything, everything is simple with Marypop.

Oh yes, one important point: remember to tell your babysitter what language you want she to speak to your children in! Indeed, she will be happy to introduce your children to a foreign language while taking care of them.

We wish you a great babysitting experience with Nora margarita, trusted babysitter at Marypop.

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