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Alicia, babysitter in Champigny-sur-Marne

Hello my name is Alicia and I am a babysitter in Champigny-sur-Marne. I am available for childcare. I can look after your children in Spanish, English and French .
As for my services, I can provide you with babysitting and introduction to a foreign language.

"¡Hola familias! Mi nombre es Alicia, soy originaria de España, pero afincada en París, vivo a 40-50 minutos del centro de París en transporte público. Nací en Tenerife, Islas Canarias, y tengo un padre español y una madre inglesa, por lo que soy bilingüe en ambos idiomas, y también hablo un poco de francés. Tengo entre 5 años de experiencia dentro de un entorno de cuidado de niños entre 8 meses y 13 años. He estado trabajando como niñera desde 2021 con una agencia en París y otra en Florencia, con muchas familias y sus hijos de todas las edades. Me encanta estar con los niños, leer cuentos con ellos y para ellos, realizar actividades divertidas y creativas, bailar y cantar, ir al parque pero obviamente siempre priorizando la seguridad de los niños. Soy una persona muy amable, positiva, fiable, honesta y digna de confianza y estoy deseando trabajar con usted y sus hijos. Aunque estoy libre para hacer de canguro ocasionalmente durante la semana, tenga en cuenta, sólo para aclarar, que de lunes a viernes durante el período escolar de París, estoy trabajando para otra familia de 16:30 a 19:30 aunque si les aviso con suficiente antelación, la familia me permitiría cambiar estos tiempos a petición, también estoy libre todo el día durante las vacaciones escolares de París, los fines de semana y los días festivos. ¡No dudes en reservar mis servicios a través de Marypop para que podamos charlar y conocernos! 🥰"

"Hi families! My name is Alicia, I am originally from Spain, but based in Paris, I live 40-50 minutes from Paris centre on public transport. I was born in Tenerife, Canary Islands, and have a Spanish father and an English mother, so I am bilingual in both languages, and I also speak a bit of French. I have between 5 years of experience within a childcare environment and with children aged between 8 months old and 13 years old. I have also been working as a babysitter since 2021 for an agency in Paris and an agency in Florence with many families and their children of all ages. I love being with children, reading stories with them and to them, engaging in fun and creative activities, dancing and singing, going to the park but obviously always prioritising the safety of the children. I am a very friendly, positive, reliable, honest and trustworthy person and look forward to working with you and your children. Whilst I am free for occasional babysitting during the week, please note, and just to clarify, from Monday-Friday during the Paris school term, I am working for another family from 16:30 until 19:30 albeit if I give them good notice, the family would permit me to change these times upon request. I am also free all day during Paris school holidays, weekends and bank holidays. Feel free to book my services through Marypop so we can chat and get to know each-other! 🥰"

"Bonjour les familles! Je m'appelle Alicia, je suis originaire d'Espagne, mais je suis basée à Paris, j'habite à 40-50 minutes du centre de Paris en transports en commun. Je suis née à Tenerife, dans les îles Canaries, et j'ai un père espagnol et une mère anglaise, je suis donc bilingue dans les deux langues, et je parle aussi un peu le français. J'ai entre 5 ans d'expérience dans un environnement de garde d'enfants et avec des enfants âgés de 8 mois à 13 ans. Je travaille également comme baby-sitter depuis 2021 pour une agence à Paris et une agence à Florence avec de nombreuses familles et leurs enfants de tous âges. J'aime être avec les enfants, lire des histoires avec eux et pour eux, faire des activités amusantes et créatives, danser et chanter, aller au parc, mais évidemment toujours en donnant la priorité à la sécurité des enfants. Je suis une personne très amicale, positive, fiable, honnête et digne de confiance et j'ai hâte de travailler avec vous et vos enfants. Bien que je sois libre pour du babysitting occasionnel pendant la semaine, veuillez noter, et juste pour clarifier, que du lundi au vendredi pendant le trimestre scolaire de Paris, je travaille pour une autre famille de 16h30 à 19h30, bien que si je les préviens à l'avance, la famille me permettra de changer ces horaires sur demande. Je suis également libre toute la journée pendant les vacances scolaires parisiennes, les week-ends et les jours fériés. N'hésitez pas à réserver mes services via Marypop afin que nous puissions discuter et faire connaissance! 🥰"

If you want more information about me, please log in to contact me!

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Alicia is a babysitter in Champigny-sur-Marne and offers to look after your children as required. Alicia likes Outdoor activities, Singing, Cinema, Dance, Board games, Videos games, Reading, Music, Sports and offers you as services the babysitting and introduction to a foreign language. Alicia speaks 3 languages (Spanish, English and French ). His/her mother tongues are Spanish and the English. .

In addition, she has the driving licence .

Alicia is a trusted babysitter in Champigny-sur-Marne whose profile has been verified by the team at Marypop, the #1 bilingual babysitting platform. Alicia is committed to respecting the Marypop Babysitter Charter which you can find here.

Do not hesitate to contact Alicia by message from our website, by clicking on 'Send a message'. It's free and it will allow you to ask all your questions about your babysitting and to explain your needs in terms of childcare. Also consider contacting other babysitters in Champigny-sur-Marne who can also meet your need.

And then how does it work?

Once you have agreed with Alicia on their availability and babysitting skills, you simply book from our website. There is no charge until Alicia accepts your booking request.

Once Alicia has accepted your babysitting request, you will automatically receive an email with her/his phone number, and she will automatically receive an email with your phone number, your children's interests and the babysitting location.

Alicia will be paid by Marypop approximately 48 hours after the babysitting is completed. If the hours validated by the babysitter at the end of the babysitting are different from those of the reservation, your payment and hers will be adjusted automatically. You don't have to manage anything, everything is simple with Marypop.

Oh yes, one important point: remember to tell your babysitter what language you want she to speak to your children in! Indeed, she will be happy to introduce your children to a foreign language while taking care of them.

We wish you a great babysitting experience with Alicia, trusted babysitter at Marypop.

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