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Marypop babysitters live in Paris, Lyon, Barcelona, Saint-Malo, London, Tignes, Rome... Whether on holiday, on weekend, at a wedding or on expatriation, Marypop babysitters are there for your children!

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How to find a babysitter easily with Marypop?

1I do my research

according to the criteria that are important to me: spoken language, hobbies... it is really my choice

2I select a babysitter

and ask her/him my questions via Marypop messaging

3I book my babysitting and pay online

4After babysitting, Marypop pays my babysitter the amount of her/his service

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The peace of mind
Competent, serious and involved, the founder of Marypop knows very well what she is talking about.
18 December 2019
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We can trust
The creators of this app know what they are talking about and can be trusted!
29 January 2019
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Competent, serious
Great service and I like to be in contact with Nathalie who is very reassuring.
23 December 2019
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Everywhere with us
Great service. Very good contact. I can't wait for the next vacation.
7 April 2019

Find a multilingual babysitter you can trust wherever you are

During your holidays, as a parent, you may rightly want to use a babysitter to enjoy leisure time with two or with friends, or simply to rest. So how can you find a babysitter you can trust when you are far from home ? How can you get recommendations from other parents about her/him? How can you find a childcare provider abroad who speaks my little ones' language so that they can communicate easily with each other and feel completely confident?

The same questions arise during expatriation or in binational families: how to maintain, with my children, their language which is not "native" and when their environment is mainly made up of "local" people. And this without too many organisational constraints or without adding new academic learning for my children?

With its babysitting service, Marypop aims to meet the needs of all parents who wish to choose a bilingual babysitter for their children, whether they are on holiday, expatriates, mixed family or even family looking to introduce their children to a foreign language.

Focused on trust, Marypop offers a unique service that is in line with the growing trend of parents to offer their children a multi-cultural and multi-lingual education in the most natural way possible.