A babysitter to help with homework: that’s great!


If you don’t have time to help your children with their homework, don’t panic, Marypop offers homework help and a babysitter could take care of it. A babysitter can help them differently from the teachers at school and from you. This will allow your child to work while going out of the school and out […]

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Activities to do after deconfinement !

activité déconfinement

Take advantage of this great opportunity to do activities and decompress as a couple or as a family. And if you want to have a nice time together, entrust your children to a Marypop babysitter 😉  There are several activities to do after the deconfinement, and we give you some ideas below! Here are some […]

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A babysitter on Valentine’s Day : it’s possible!

Enjoy a romantic evening for Valentine’s Day by entrusting your children to a Marypop babysitter. Flexible, organised, she will know how to entertain your children and take care of them while you enjoy an evening together. So, it’s decided, February 14th will not be, this year, an evening like any other.   Valentine’s Day, a […]

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