A successful start to the new school year as a babysitter with Marypop

Hello hello, it’s almost time for the little ones to go back to school, and you want to babysit the children near you? Marypop gives you some advice to make a successful start to the new school year as a babysitter!

1. Update your profile

  • Have you moved? Update your address in your dashboard, “My info” tab. Marypop is present everywhere in Europe
  • Have you acquired a new degree or experience, for example abroad? Fill in your ad in the “My ad” tab. The most detailed advertisements receive the most requests.
  • Have you made progress in a foreign language? Good for you! Change your language level in the tab “My spoken languages”.

2. Select the services you want to offer

You can select :

  • “Services by video” (homework help or introduction to a foreign language by video)
  • and/or “After-school care” (from 4.30pm to 7pm at least once a week) in the “My Info” tab at the very bottom of the page.

Your profile will automatically appear to parents who make these searches.

3. Update your calendar

This is probably one of the most important points for a successful start to the new school year and more babysittings.

  • In the “My Availabilities” tab of your Dashboard, fill in your “General Availability Chart” and publish the Chart.
  • Your calendar always appears available by default. We advise you to block the slots where you are not available by double clicking on them and selecting “Delete”.

4. Publish a short video presentation

A profile with video receives 5 times more requests than a profile without video. Think about it!

Here are some guidelines for a quality video.

– Your video should last between 1.30 min and 2 min.
– Ideally shoot this video outdoors (park, garden…).
– Non-extravagant clothing (no sunglasses, no hat, headphones, mask;)
– Orientation of the video in landscape mode and not in portrait mode
– Remember to smile well and project a positive image of yourself!

To introduce yourself, you can start with your first name and country of origin (specify if you have dual nationality or if you have lived abroad), then mention the languages you speak (saying a few words in them) as well as your hobbies and interests. Finally, tell us why you enjoy looking after children and talk about your experience as a babysitter.

How do you add your video presentation to your profile?

Once the video has been filmed, you need to post it on Vimeo or YouTube (you can use the “Not listed” option), then attach the link in the “My Info” section. Don’t forget to save it afterwards!

5. Respond quickly to parents’ requests!

  • Parents usually request several baby-sitters at the same time. Answer quickly if you want to babysit.
  • If you are not available, answer as well, so that you can be in contact with the parent next time.

6. Are you specially motivated? Ask to appear on the Marypop Homepage!

You can make this request by sending an email to contact@marypop.com.

7. You no longer wish to babysit?

Don’t worry! Send an email with the text OFF to contact@marypop.com.

There you go, making a successful start to the new school year is as simple as that with Marypop.


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